Nick and Thomas have never actually met in person, but after connecting on Twitter (that bastion of both common grace and total depravity), their mutual love of the Bible, beer, and free will quickly developed into an online theological bromance. With hearts strangely warmed both by the academy as well as the local church they dreamt for months of beginning a podcast where they could help bridge the gap between those two institutions and present a positive framework of Christian discipleship that helps Christians take their faith seriously and engage their Bible both faithfully and thoughtfully (and perhaps poke some lighthearted fun at their Reformed brothers and sisters). By God’s grace and providence, the Sinnergists is the realization of that dream. You can learn more about each of the hosts below. Thanks for visiting!

Nick QNick Quient is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary (M.A. in New Testament) and Biola University (B.A.). He started serving as an Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Redlands in May. He is married to the love of his life, Allison with whom he co-hosts the Split Frame of Reference of Podcast and Blog, and can be found on Twitter saying silly things about theology and culture.


Thomas HThomas Horrocks is a graduate of Anderson University School of Theology (M.Div) and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (B.A). He is married to his beautiful, wise, and gracious wife Gabrielle who lovingly supports his many side projects. He is also the proud father of two beautiful children. Vocationally, Thomas is an ordained minister who serves as pastor of Stoneybrook Community Church of God in Bloomington, Indiana, as well as a hospice and military chaplain. He occasionally blogs at You can also find Thomas on Twitter, although he is currently taking something of a social media sabbatical.